Re-inventing the way you play Minecraft.

Our Mission
An Equal Opinion Team.

DumbCode aims to be an open and equal opinion mod team. No hierarchical stupidity, everyone's voice matters. Our team is organized of people from all over the globe, and apart from bringing great content to our mods, we want to have fun doing it.

Our Goal
Make Cool Things.

Creating things is our team's passion. We chose projects that we will enjoy making and that will be fun for the community to play with. We like dinosaurs, so we're making a dinosaur mod, we like modeling, so we're making a studio. Everything DumbCode creates, is fun for DumbCode to make.

Our People
Make contributing Bearable.

The team feel is very friendly at DumbCode, we act like we've known each other for years, and sometimes it's because we have. In short, we like to have fun at DumbCode; that is what it's all about.

Our Products
Real. Trustworthy. Consistent.

DumbCode, despite being a team of light hearted people and friends, don't skimp on quality. We are dedicated to setting an example to other modders of what is capable in modern modding. Our mods will be performant and well crafted as if it was a professional product.

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